Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Xiao Mi Powerbank 10400 mAH - FREE with any MAA Takaful certificate

Xiao Mi Powerbank 10400 mAH for all smartphones and tablets

The extremely popular XiaoMi Powerbank is encased in sleek aluminium casing with dual battery cell technology. Its Premium Li-ion battery cells adds an extra 10400mAH battery life to smartphones and tablets.


The Mi Power Bank comes with a 10,400mAh lithium-ion battery (3.6V for 37.44Wh), sourced either from LG or Samsung (as stated by Xiaomi). If you’ve read ourpower bank buying tips article, you’ll know that due to power lost during voltage conversion, along with other factors like circuit resistance, the number of recharges you can get from a power bank isn’t simply a division of its capacity and your device’s battery capacity. According to Xiaomi, the Mi Power Bank is able to recharge the Mi 3 smartphone 2.5 times, the iPhone 5S smartphone 4.5 times, and the iPad Mini tablet 1.5 times. These numbers seem to be quite accurate, as we managed to top up the charge of an iPhone 5S (that has a 1,560mAh battery) four times, and still had a bit of charge left on the power bank.
In addition, we’re also very satisfied with the Mi Power Bank’s input and output currents. To be specific, it’s able to output up to 2.1A, which is great for tablets and even smartphones that are capable of accepting more than the standard 1A. Even the input charging port accepts up to 2A, which is something we didn’t expect from such a cheap power bank, simply because we’ve come across many high-capacity (read: more expensive) power banks that can’t do more than 1.5A. In other words, topping up the Mi Power Bank’s 10,400mAh battery is a pretty fast affair too. According to Xiaomi, it’ll take about 5.5 hours if you use a 2A adapter, or about 10 hours with an 1A adapter.

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