Friday, January 13, 2012


Copy the dmp files to your first level on drive C. Ie  c:\ SCOOT_20111129_0218.dmp
  1. To make it easier, rename the file to SCOOT.dmp
  2. Open command promt ( CMD ) and set your cursor to the file :
  3. Make sure :
    1. There are no table with the same name in the archive schema. If there are, please rename that table to other name.
    2. You have the right system user password. It won’t work if you don’t have this login credential.
    3. Recite the selawat 3 times.
  4.  Execute this statement :
    imp system/pwd_ok@LISTDB1 file=SCOOT.dmp fromuser=SCOOT touser=ARCHIVE TABLES=TABLE_NAME_FROM_SCHEMA_SCOOT

  1. To make it clear :
  • imp system/pwd_ok@LISTDB1 use system login to restore, with sid ( LISTDB1 or LISTDB2 , depend your sid name)
  • file=SCOOT.dmp = the dmp file name ( just put it in C drive to make it easier.
  • fromuser=SCOOT = the schema name where the table created from the production db
  • touser=ARCHIVE = the schema name where the table will be restore in the production server ( do not restore at the same schema or else… )
  • TABLES= TABLE_NAME_FROM_SCHEMA_SCOOT = the table need to be restore ( easier if we restore the same name as the actual table. After finish restore, then rename the table )